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9 Proven Ways To Fix “You Need To Authenticate To Microsoft Services”

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While playing Minecraft, you may probably get the error message ‘You need to authenticate to Microsoft services.’ It normally occurs when you try to access external servers or personal multiplayer servers like realms.

Most of the time, this error is caused due to poor Internet connection or issue on the Minecraft server side itself. However, there may be other causes as well.

This article will guide you through the causes of the authentication error and ways to fix it.

Causes: You need to authenticate to Microsoft services

There are multiple causes behind this error. Let’s point out some of them before moving to the fixes:
Server down for maintenanceMisconfigured Time zone settingsBlocked Minecraft servicesGlitches in the serverRunning server without administrator privilegeOutdated or corrupted installation

How to Fix “You need to authenticate to Microsoft services” Error?

The authentication problem is solved by performing minor tweaks like restarting the server and changing the time zone. However, there are other fixes as well that work.

Here, we have compiled a list of 9 fixes you can apply when encountering this error. So, let’s get straight into them without further delay.

Check the Server Status

Before you move to further fixes, you must be sure that the Minecraft server is not down. Sometimes the Minecraft server goes down for maintenance, and you may be experiencing an authentication error. You can search Google to know about the status of Minecraft servers.

In case the servers are down, you must wait until you get an up notice from Minecraft. Else, there is an issue on your side. Please move down to further fixes.

Re-Sign In to Your Microsoft Account

Since the error mainly deals with account authentication, the first thing you can do is to re-sign into your Microsoft account. As reported by many users, re-signing in often solves the error without further hassles.

Here’s how to re-sign in:

Launch Minecraft on your device.Tap Settings from the Home page.You will see a Profile tab under General settings. Click it.Click Sign out of your Microsoft account button.
you need to authenticate to microsoft servicesOnce the Sign out is complete, you will see a sign-in page again. Enter correct credentials and sign in to your account.In the next dialog box, select Save to Microsoft Account.A popup will appear asking that it wants to use to sign in. Click Continue.
xboxlive continueIn the next popup from Microsoft, again choose Continue.Try connecting to the server and check if you still face the error.

Set Time Zone to Automatic

You may also encounter the issue if the time settings on your device and time server are different. Having a different time zone setup on your device and server creates synchronization problems, and the server can not authenticate your connection. So, set the time zone to automatic.

Follow these steps on your Windows PC:

Hit Windows + I to launch Settings.In the left pane of the Settings page, choose Time & language.Select Date & time from the right section.Toggle on Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically options.You can also use Sync now button under Additional settings to synchronize the time with the server.
time and language sync now

Try Restarting the Server

Sometimes, the issue lies within the server side itself, and you may encounter an authentication error. Restarting the server generally solves the problem.

Follow these steps to restart the server:

Navigate to your Minecraft server folder in Local disk C: and search for file.Open the file with Notepad.Locate online-mode=true in the text file.Replace true with false in the text file and save it.Launch the server.Again set false to true in online-mode and save it.
online mode true

It should restart the server and fix any issues if the server is the culprit.

Whitelist Minecraft Services

An antivirus installed in your system can sometimes interfere with the Minecraft services and block your access to the Minecraft server. Meanwhile, the firewall also may do the same. Whitelisting a few Minecraft services will help solve the issue.

Here’s how to whitelist sites from the Windows firewall:

Right-click the Start button and select Run from the list of options.Type control in the Run text field and hit Enter to open Control Panel.Navigate to Network and Internet > Internet options.In the Internet Options window, jump to the Security tab.Click the green logo mentioned as Trusted sites, then click the Sites button.trusted-sites-internetAdd these websites one by one: authserver.mojang.comaccount.mojang.comtextures.minecraft.netskins.minecraft.netminecraft.netadding-websites-in-trustedSave the changes.

Note: If you have an antivirus, steps to add exception websites may differ. Please consult your respective antivirus guide.

Install Identity Provider App from Xbox

Since the Minecraft server uses to sign in, not having an Xbox identity provider app can create issues with sign-in, and you may encounter the error. Make sure you have this app on your device before trying signing in. You can simply download and install it using the Microsoft Store.

Run Bedrock Server as Administrator

If you use a Bedrock version from Minecraft, it lets you have a separate bedrock server. This version enables you to host your own server locally or on a cloud. However, it may throw an authentication error if you don’t have administrator privilege to run it. You should run it as an administrator, so you don’t encounter the error.

Here’s how:

Locate the bedrock_server.exe file on your computer.Right-click over the file and choose Properties from the list of options.Jump to the Compatibility section and then choose Change settings for all users.In the next window that pops up, check Run this program as an administrator option.
run-as-administrato-1Click Apply and then OK button to save the changes.

Connect using Hypixel Server

You normally connect to the Minecraft server using the server list. But the servers listed there may not always be able to authenticate the connection. If you are in the Java version of Minecraft, there is another high-quality server called Hypixel that you can join. It should fix the authentication problem if other servers cannot resolve the request.

Follow these steps to connect using the Hypixel server:

You should first add the Hypixel server in the Multiplayer mode. To do this, choose Multiplayer in the menu.Click the Add Server button in the next window.Type Hypixel in the Server Name field and in Server Address. Click Done.hypixel serverThen select Join Server, and you are done. You should not encounter the problem now.

Note: Hypixel versions do not work with Windows 10, Console versions, and Pocket Edition of Minecraft. Make sure you are on the Java version.

Update or Reinstall Minecraft

If you tried every fix mentioned in this post, you should be able to sort out the error. However, if not, you can try updating Minecraft to the latest version or reinstalling it.

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