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A Wife Who Speaks This One Thing Must Be Ruined? Never Say This To Her Husband » Viral.TmZ.NG Explored

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A wife who speaks this one thing must be ruined? Never say this to her husband » Viral.TmZ.NG
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Husband and wife often fight, but one thing should be remembered, where there is love, there is also a fight, but the fight should not be allowed to escalate. When a person is angry, a lot of things can be said and often women say one thing to their husband in anger: What have you done for me? The husband who breaks the husband from the morning to the evening and the family

Wife even does labor for children, endures every difficulty, respect them. For a wife, this feeling is no less than a blessing that someone is going to worry about her, to take care of her, who can only be the husband. It takes a long time for a woman to fall in love, do you know why? Because she puts loyalty first and love later, and it is a little difficult to be loyal and not love. For a wife, her husband is tomorrow’s curse. The cheerful attitude of the husband never lets the wife get old. A man who repeatedly brings a woman to the sun can never be her shade. The greatest sign of a lover is that he protects your honor more than his life

will do He should try to manage his wife’s non-maintenance in a better way according to his position and wealth. Think of Khadima as a life partner instead of a servant. Don’t deal with unnecessary harshness and dutant deputation. Be patient as much as possible when things against nature and temperament occur on his behalf. He continued to teach him religious rules, issues and manners and urged him to follow Sharia law, especially Purdah Shari’i, etc. From time to time, according to the occasion and convenience, he should allow the meeting with the parents and other Mahram relatives. Avoid beating, and if beating is absolutely necessary, do not use wood, etc., only hit with your hands and do not hit on the head and other important parts. Do it. This

Never behave rudely or rudely. Do not ask for anything more than its size and scope. No one should ever betray his right in relation to his self. Do not spend his wealth anywhere without his permission. In the exception of the husband, he should arrange good behavior with his parents and sisters. If the husband reprimands him for something and says something, do not answer him turkey by turkey, even if he is wrong, but after the anger is over. Explain the right thing from time to time so that his heart becomes clean

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