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Ambulance transporting patient involved in Poughkeepsie accident

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POUGHKEEPSIE – An East Fishkill Fire Department ambulance transporting a patient was involved in an accident that snarled traffic on the westbound arterial (Mill Street) in Poughkeepsie on Thursday morning.

At approximately 11:00 a.m. on August 18, the East Fishkill ambulance with crew members and a female patient was en route to a Poughkeepsie hospital traveling westbound on Mill Street when it was struck by another vehicle at the intersection of Mill and North Hamilton Streets.

Traffic was snarled as Poughkeepsie firefighters and police tended to the accident.  An ambulance from Mobile Life was dispatched to the scene to transport the original patient from the damaged ambulance to the hospital.

The ambulance crew did not sustain any injuries and the ambulance had minimal damage to the driver-side front corner.  It was not clear if the original patient had sustained additional injuries.

A Nissan sedan, reported to be a rental vehicle that was involved in the wreck, stopped a short distance away from the accident site.  The female operator complained of shoulder injuries and was evaluated by a crew from a second Mobile Life ambulance.

A witness told Mid-Hudson News that the East Fishkill ambulance was approaching the intersection with lights and sirens activated and stopped at the intersection before proceeding through it.  The witness noted that the car was traveling north on North Hamilton from Main Street and made a left onto Mill Street without yielding to the emergency vehicle, and then struck the ambulance.


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