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Asteroid Ryugu Allegedly Older Than The Sun, Where Did It Come From?

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Asteroid Ryugu Allegedly Older Than The Sun, Where Did It Come From? – Viral.TmZ.NG
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Debris taken from asteroid Ryugu may be the purest sample of cosmic rock ever discovered by humans. This is known after experts have analyzed the debris in detail.

1 Asteroid Ryugu Allegedly Older Than The Sun, Where Did It Come From?
Cited in Science Alert, the debris from asteroid Ryugu is the most uncontaminated object in the solar system that humans have ever studied. Its composition means that the rocks may have come from an extrasolar system.

“Ryugu particles are the most uncontaminated and fragmented extraterrestrial object studied to date and provide the best available match for the larger structure of the Solar System,” wrote physicist Ito Motoo, of the Agency for Ocean and Earth Science Technology. (JAMSTEC) ) in Nature Astronomy.

The cargo from the asteroid Ryugu arrived on Earth in December 2020. It was transported by the Hayabusa2 mission from Japan. The mission sent the Hayabusa2 probe to the Ryugu space probe, which is about 9 million kilometers from Earth.

In the photo published later, the rocks look like black stones. The weight of the debris was 5.4 grams, far exceeding the expert’s target of 0.1 grams.

Experts have studied material from the Ryugu asteroid. From the results of the research, it turned out that the Ryugu asteroid is composed of a carbonaceous chondrite-like composition, making it a C-type asteroid.

Quoting from the Astro dictionary, a chondrite is a type of rock meteor (non-metal) that has never undergone any changes in its original state. Meteors of this type are formed from different types of dust and particles that existed in the prehistoric times of the Solar System or from ancient asteroids.

In addition, in a recent analysis, Ito and his colleagues found an abundance of heavy elements of hydrogen and nitrogen. These two objects correspond to an origin outside the Solar System.

This makes experts suspect that the asteroid Ryugu is older than the Sun. This assumption is consistent with the comet theory, which states that they originated in the most distant solar system.

On the other hand, research conducted by Carnegie Science scientists has the same conclusion. Jens Barosch and Larry Nittler, who led the study, used the NanoSIMS technique to find the debris material of the Ryugu asteroid.

The result, “The sample returned from the asteroid Ryugu, carried by the Hayabusa2 spacecraft contains particles of pre-solar star dust. The amount and composition of the material is similar to the pre-solar material found in CI chrondite.”

“Thus, our results provide additional evidence that the asteroid Ryugu is closely related to the CI chondrite, a relationship that comes from mineralogical and extensive chemical and isotopic data,” they wrote in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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