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Awie Sad Music Industry Prostitute And TikTok Founder Aspires To Be A Musician

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Awie Sad Music Industry Prostitute And TikTok Founder Aspires To Be A Musician – Viral.TmZ.NG
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Recently, more and more creators and TikTokers have come up with their own songs for commercial purposes only.

To quote mStar Online, a musician Datuk Well those who were asked to comment on this issue expressed their disappointment with this practice and described their action as destroying the music industry.

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“What will happen to the music industry if it cheats this industry so badly, you know!

“Suddenly, television channels are using their songs in programs, radio stations are broadcasting their songs, even though they are not singers, it is not good to even speak, let alone sing. I’m sorry, I’m not very good, I’m not good either, but I love this industry,” he said.

According to Awie, these ‘people with money’ also create cheap controversy with the aim of promoting their songs until they are reprimanded by academics.

“Suddenly, rich people came and destroyed this sector. It’s broken! Scholars are also angry, netizens are angry, he is still proud of him. Aren’t you sorry?

“If you can’t do something good, you invest in those who are better. Find people who can really sing for your product,” he said.

Meanwhile, Awie said that their actions are also embarrassing the name of the country, not to mention that now everything they share on social media can be watched by the whole world.

“Aren’t you ashamed to have a bad Malaysian name because of you? You want to get your rating, the viewers but you are destroying Malaysian words and Malay words, especially Muslims. He said! “

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