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Conspiracy Theorists Consider This Apollo 17 Clip To Be PROOF That The Moon Landing Was A Hoax Explored

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Conspiracy theorists consider this Apollo 17 clip to be PROOF that the moon landing was a hoax
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Conspiracy theorists consider this Apollo 17 clip to be PROOF that the moon landing was a hoax

Space aficionados have reported seeing a human-like figure reflected in one of the astronauts’ visors wearing period attire.

Despite visual and photographic proof of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong raising the US flag on the moon, many people still think the Apollo 11 moon landing was a hoax by the US government.

Despite six confirmed manned moon landings occurring from 1969 to 1972, a school of conspiracy theorists would have you believe that it was definitely cheaper and easier to stage the landing than it was to actually achieve it. One space enthusiast stated that while watching a film of the 1972 Apollo 17 mission, he noticed a strange human-like form in the mirror on one of the astronauts’ visors.

NASA’s three-phased Artemis Mission plan, which would cost $28 billion, aims to land the first woman on the moon in 2024.

Commander Gene Cernan, lunar module pilot Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, and command module pilot Ronald Evans were the last humans to set foot on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission. But a YouTube video with the title “a visor’s reflection. Where is the camera’s reflection from the snapshot being taken? “said that the visor photograph might be proof of fraud, as explained in the 2017 video by YouTuber Streetcap1. Because the person was purportedly not wearing a spacesuit, the content maker claimed that a reflection of one of the astronauts in his or her visor appeared to reveal a “stagehand.” “You can see what appears to be a man with long hair in the early 1970s wearing a kind of waistcoat… and, presumably, a shadow of that figure “As he outlined the figure with his mouse, the narrator said. “Where is the space suit on this guy?” Later in the roughly three million times-watched clip, Streetcap1 continues.

“I think he looks a lot like an astronaut. The bag is also visible in the darkness, “One penned.

“With the white, hefty spacesuit, it appears to me to be another astronaut without a doubt. He is holding himself up with both arms slightly extended forward, and the shadow of the spacesuit’s mass, including the life support on his back, is visible “further added

“All I can make out is a distorted image of an astronaut due to the curved reflection on the helmet. It might appear to be anything, including an extraterrestrial from space, you could argue. however, it’s not… Because of how reflections work and how enlarging a picture from an old movie turns out, the astronaut merely seems a little strange “There was another offer.

According to a lot of conspiracy theories, the US government lied about going to the moon in an effort to outpace other countries and win the “space race.” However, despite such assertions being refuted by space scientists, the most absurd of claims are being made.

Some argue that despite the vacuum of space, the US flag looked to be moving in the breeze. The reason given by NASA for this is because there wouldn’t be any breeze to maintain the flag’s upright position in space, leading to a subpar photograph. The New York Post noted that some people have said that the stars aren’t apparent in the pictures and that different shadows don’t appear to line up with light sources.

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