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Cop Who Died During Bike Accident Was Pinned Under Truck Tire: Police

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NORRISTOWN, PA — The off-duty police officer from Montgomery County who died during a bicycle ride in Lancaster County this past weekend had ran a stop sign and crashed into a large pickup truck, which then proceeded to run him over, according to state police investigators.

Brian Kozera, 44, of Blue Bell, Pa., was pronounced dead at Reading Hospital last Saturday after being transported there for treatment of serious injuries following the collision on South Pool Forge Road in Caernarvon Township in Lancaster County.

Kozera, a 16-year veteran of the Norristown Police Department who had survived a rare form of cancer and went on to participate in various athletic competitions, was subsequently pronounced dead at Reading Hospital in neighboring Berks County, and the Berks County Coroner’s Office determined that he had died as a result of blunt force trauma and internal injuries.

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Patch previously reported on the death here.

In a report released by the Pennsylvania State Police, investigators said that Kozera was riding his bicycle along South Pool Forge Road at the intersection with Nolt Road when he proceeded without clearance through a stop sign and crashed into the side of a truck that had been traveling through the intersection.

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The impact forced Kozera off of his bicycle and he ended up becoming pinned under the wheel of the truck, police stated in the report.

The truck came to a stop a short distance from the accident, but the driver was initially unaware that Kozera was pinned underneath. After the driver made the discovery, the driver moved his truck forward to free Kozera, police stated.

Kozera ultimately succumbed to his injuries after being transported to the hospital.

The report said that the accident occurred a little before 10 in the morning Aug. 13.

State Police reported that Kozera was wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of the crash.

The driver of the other vehicle is a 62-year-old resident of East Earl in Lancaster County. He was not injured in the incident.

The truck involved was a Ford Super Duty stake body pickup truck.

It does not appear that the driver of the truck is being charged at this point.

Kozera was training to participate in an upcoming Ironman competition that is scheduled to take place in Hawaii this October.

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Cop Who Died During Bike Accident Was Pinned Under Truck Tire: Police

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