‘Dead Island 2’ Is Coming Next Year Based on Leaked Amazon Listing

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Amazon Listing Leak Revives Dead Island 2 Rumors
(Photo : Image from Deep Silver) An Amazon listing reveals Dead Island 2 release date, snapshots, and more.

Months after rumors about the “Dead Island 2” release roaming around the Internet, an Amazon listing pops out of nowhere, revealing the release date, some snapshots, and other details of the post-apocalyptic video game. In the listing, the zombie game is priced at $69.99.

Dead Island 2 Rumors Have been Around Since 2020.

Way back in February, Tech Times reported that a game insider hinted that Dead Island would finally have a sequel after more than a decade since its release. The same report tells us that in 2019 the developers faced some issues with Dead Island 2 game development with a number of game studios.

Dead Island 2 rumors have been circulating the Internet for some time now. Another report by Tech Times from 2020 reports that a job listing for a ‘world-renowned Dead Island franchise’ art director revealed that Dead Island 2 was already in the works. Finally, with this recent development, some speculations have come to an end.

Amazon Listing Reveals Dead Inside Release Date and More

The recent “Dead Island 2” Amazon listing reveals that the much-awaited sequel will be available for PS4 and PS5 in February 2023. According to the game description that came along with the listing, “Dead Island 2” will be set in a zombie-infested Los Angeles, ‘from the verdant suburbia of Beverly Hills to the quirky promenade of Venice Beach,’ the game’s story details emphasize.

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According to a report from TechRadar, the Amazon listing was first spotted by Twitter user Wario64. The Twitter detective went on to post the game’s story description found in the listing. But since news of the Amazon leak blew up, the said description has already been removed.

Dead Island 2: Day 1 Edition (PS4) is up for preorder on Amazon ($69.99) #ad

Dated Feb 3, 2023. This is a brand new listing on Amazon and not the one that’s been there for like 84 years

— Wario64 (@Wario64) August 18, 2022

“Dead Island 2” follows the story of a player who can choose from 6 characters with unique personalities and in-game dialogues. Players can customize their character with a brand new skill system to make them the best zombie ‘Slayer.’ The game also features the ‘craziest builds,’ as the game description reads.

Los Angeles is on the verge of being completely overrun by a horde of ravenous zombies in the video game. The snapshots and box art from the Amazon listing show a city landscape burning at dusk and a beach filled with skater zombies.

Players will act as one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The player and a handful of fellow Slayers have developed a strange resistance to the zombie virus in the outbreak.

This will be another zombie survival game. The players will be tasked to survive endless waves of zombie attacks and uncover the truth behind the ravaging zombie outbreak.

According to the recently deleted listing description, Dead Island will be a unique mix of horror, dark humor, and over-the-top, first-person zombie slaying. In the game, PS4 and PS5 players will be exposed to a brand new setting along with a really interesting storyline. Expect lots of gory zombie-slaying action as your chosen characters cruise a zombie-infested California.

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