Dragon Ball Super Artist Addressed Chapter 87 Leaked Spoilers

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, reportedly titled The Greatest in the Universe Revealed, won’t be officially released until Aug.19, but major spoilers have already leaked online, and the manga artist behind it is not happy with the leaks. Toyotarou, who’s been overseeing Dragon Ball Super with series creator Akira Toriyama, has expressed how upset he is with the leaked spoilers.

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Over on Twitter, Toyotarou addressed the flood of leaks regarding Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. The now-deleted post reveals how frustrated the mangaka is after seeing their work shared online before its official V-Jump release.

rethink their decision to post spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 87. After all, Shueisha is not set to release the chapter officially until next week, and Toyotaro teased fans in a recent interview the update would feature some shocking things.

“I’m upset with the Twitter algorithm for making me see tweets from people I don’t follow who have leaked [manga] images illegally. I hope everyone can read the VJ issue safely,” Toyotaro tweeted.

It didn’t take long for Toyotarou to take down the tweet, but fans all over the world were able to read it. This probably will cause some fans to rethink their decision to share spoilers for the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. And Chapter 87 is loaded with big surprises that fans will continue to talk about for weeks.

Many fans on social media are already calling this chapter to be one of the the best Dragon Ball Super chapters in recent months, and it’s easy to see why. This probably marks the end of the Granolah the Survivor Arc, and a major iconic villain makes a surprise appearance.

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If you want to know the spoiler details leaked online, check out everything we know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87.

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