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Have iPhone or iPad? Your experience set to get worse

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Apple may soon start dropping ads on your iPhone and iPad via several apps such as Maps, Books, Podcasts and more. Here’s why.

Apple is planning to expand ads into a wider area of your iPhone and iPad soon! This comes from the Apple analyst Mark Gurman who says that Apple is expanding its advertising business and pushing ads across more of its software products. However, Apple currently shows ads in the App Store, Stocks, and News app across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The App Store already has Google-like search ads and even recently Apple seeded advertising in TV+ for its “Friday Night Baseball” deal with Major League Baseball, Bloomberg’s report by Gurman mentioned. But this latest development hints that your iPhone and iPad may soon start getting ads on several other apps such as Maps, Books, and even Podcast in the future.

Gurman suggests that Apple is expected to offer an option to its iPhone and iPad users to disable personalized ads just like the feature called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) launched last year. What does it do? It basically allows users to choose whether apps can track them across other applications and websites. Apple says that around 78 percent of iOS 15 users on their iPhones have done this. However, it will still be able to grasp some data such as the identity of your carrier, device type as well as what you read.

Why Apple is planning to push ads on iPhones and iPads

Mark Gurman suggests that the App Tracking Transparency feature of Apple has created some collateral damage to big as well as small companies in terms of revenue. “You may not feel too bad for social media giants like Meta Platforms Inc. and Snap Inc. that have claimed to have lost billions of dollars as a result of Apple’s changes, but smaller developers also say the feature has upended their businesses,” he added. While keeping this in mind, Apple may expand its own advertising business over time.

Moreover, currently ads are shown in the search tab in the Suggested panel on the App Store, but will also soon expect to expand ads to the main Today tab and within third-party app download pages. Besides Maps, Apple Podcasts, and Books, Gurman predicted that TV+ could generate more advertising with multiple platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Discovery and more.

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