Helldivers 2 Leaked Trailer Portion Shows off PS5-Captured Footage

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The possibility of Helldivers getting a sequel has been a thing that’s been discussed about feverishly for a few months now. Quite recently, the developers over at Arrowhead Game Studios teased the possibility that they were working on a sequel, and now, we have a leak that shows a portion of the trailer for this game.

This leak comes from Twitter user @DoodMarvelous, who shows roughly 10 seconds of the Helldivers sequel. You can watch the trailer below:

Here’s roughly 10 seconds of footage from the #Helldivers 2 trailer, made by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by PlayStation Studios.

— Adam (@DoodMarvelous) August 18, 2022

A few things can be inferred from this trailer. The first is that the game is published by PlayStation studios, meaning that the game could be a PlayStation exclusive. However, there’s also the possibility that the game could also be available on PC as a timed exclusive. The trailer also states that this footage was captured with the PlayStation 5, so this might be a next-gen exclusive title.

Additionally, the leaked trailer also has a disclaimer that states that the footage was using a mix of gameplay and game engine footage. The trailer also has some narration about how Aliens are ‘at our doorstep” and how ‘democracy herself hangs in the balance.’ Not much to go off on whether this is Helldivers-related, but it could be something worth noting.

It’s worth noting that Arrowhead Studios announced that they were working on a 3rd person cooperative shooter back in 2020. The project was stated to be a 3rd person shooter featuring next-gen graphics, innovative co-op, and agency for the community to alter the course of the game. Worth noting was that the studio also noted that this AAA game would share the satirical humor that fans of the studio’s previous games know and love.

It’s also worth noting that Helldivers 2 was also part of the GeForce NOW leak that happened a few months ago. While the list was supposedly speculative, plenty of titles from it have been released recently. Still, there’s the possibility that this new trailer could be faked in some way so we ask our users to take this information with a grain of salt.

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