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Is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving General Hospital And Rejoining Station 19? Spoiler For ABC Drama Release Explored

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Is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving General Hospital And Rejoining Station 19? Spoiler For ABC Drama Release:- A number of reports and posts are circulating on social media regarding Kelly Thiebaud’s exit from General Hospital. Since her fans came across these claims they have gone curious and restless, they are keen to learn if the renowned soap actress Kelly Thiebaud is really leaving General Hospital or not. There are uncountable speculations are being made about her exit from the show. Nevertheless, people are eager to know why she is leaving this show and what she will do after General Hospital. It is also being rumored that actress Kelly Thiebaud might rejoin ABC drama Station 19 once again. There are lots of aspects that we are going to discuss in the further given particulars of this column. Kindly scroll down the page and learn more.

Is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving General Hospital And Rejoining Station 19 Spoiler For ABC Drama Release Eva Vasquez Season 6 Spoiler Release Date Time Stream Online

Is Kelly Thiebaud Rejoining Station 19?

Kelly Thiebaud is a renowned model and actress. Nowadays she is being appeared on the television soap General Hospital which she joined back in 2012. Kelly Thiebaud is appearing as Dr. Britt Westbourne that helped her to rose to fame across the country. General Hospital is an ABC venture. Nevertheless, she also has been honored with Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Scroll down the page to learn if she is really leaving the show or if it is just a rumor.

According to the source, the news of Kelly Thiebaud’s departure from ABC’s Drama series General Hospital is true. She is definitely leaving the show. But not immediately, she will leave General Hospital in November this year. Why Kelly Thiebaud is quitting the General Hospital? Reportedly, she was signed for two years and now her contract is about to end. Thus she is leaving the show. Now the next question is if she is really rejoining ABC drama Station 19. Kindly scroll down the page and read about this.

So, how do you propose it ends? Are you enjoying this lifestyle? I picked up General Hospital during the Morgan days I didn’t see all the things you mentioned. They are wrong too but why didn’t I to betrayal of Nina? I don’t watch anymore. It’s a very disturbing lifestyle

– Peter Gazzara (@PeterGazzara) August 17, 2022

As per the details, she is getting ready to portray the role of Eva Vasquez once again in Station 19 after leaving General Hospital in November this year. Kelly Thiebaud’s character in Station 19 of Eva Vasquez is the character of the widow of the late Station 19 firefighter named Rigo Vasquez.  And she is in a romantic relationship with a friend of her husband which caused lots of complexity. It is confirmed that Eva’s comeback to Station 19 will stir up everything in the show. Stay tuned to this page and keep reading articles to get more details.

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