Jasmin Heading Up to Something

The latest episode of Udaariyaan Tejo coming to take the class started reading the poetry. She then asks who kept this rose here. Students say it was there when we entered the class. She says it is fine, she says that she knows who kept it here. Fateh there was thinking if the rose brings a smile on Tejo’s face or not. At the same Tejo recalls Khushbeer’s words and thinks that it would be wrong if she trust Fateh again. She then throws the flower away and asks the student to complete the chapter. Get more information on Udaariyaan written update.

Udaariyaan 10-1-2022

Fateh enters the class and gets sad seeing his flower and note in the bin, but still, he thinks that he will give her a rose daily unless she forgives him. At the same time, Jasmine comes there and teases Fateh and says you were the person whom I loved the most but you are my biggest enemy. Fateh confronts her and asks what is she trying to say. She says this is my college and you both will pay for what you did to me. Fateh grins and says don’t try to play a victim card with us.

Udaariyaan 10-1-2022 Episode

Fateh further says that it was you who spoiled our lives and the prestige of the family. Fateh continued says I didn’t understand your intentions at that time and made such a huge mistake. Jasmin says stay scared of me always. At the same time, Jasmin received a call and tells Fateh that it is my lawyer’s call. She further tells Fateh that she is aware you like surprises and you are going to like my other surprise and leaves from there leaving Fateh into a fix.

Fateh goes to a bar and started drinking and sees Tejo in front of him, He says Tejo if you accepted my rose so now should I think that you have forgiven me. Now, everything will be fine. Tejo replies that you convinced me to pardon you. He turns and sees that Tejo gets vanished and it was Buzo behind him. He goes to Buzo and sits along with him to drink. Buzo asks why you are doing this to yourself to forget your grief. Buzo then made him realize how much Buzo love Simran. Tune in to Colors TV at 7 PM and watch exclusive episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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