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Melancholia Season 1 Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2 Of K-Drama? – Pasi Blog

The popular South Korean drama “Melancholia Season 1” has ended. After entertaining the viewers with sixteen episodes, the series has bid its adieu and has left the fans wanting for more. Undoubtedly, the fans are eager to find out if the drama is getting set up for renewal and if they will get to watch their favourite stars in the second season as well. It speaks volumes about the ended drama’s success. However, the makers have not said anything about renewing the season yet. Besides, some fans have missed the ending or could not understand the plot. Well, we have got you covered.

Melancholia Season 1 Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2 Of K-Drama?  - Melancholia Season 1 Ending Explained Will There Be A Season - Melancholia Season 1 Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2 Of K-Drama?

Directed by Kim Sang-Hyeob, the K-drama featured Jang Huyn-Sung, Im Soo-Jung, Lee Do-Hyun, and Jin Kyung in pivotal roles. The story of the show surfaces around the corruption and scandals that take place in a private school based in Gangnam. The show happened to be a special project to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the entertainment network tvN. Released on November 10, 2021, it got a great response from the viewers all around while the show managed to attain good trp ratings too. Now that the show has finally come to an end, we are explaining the finale episode here.

Melancholia Season 1 Ending Explained

At the end of the Korean drama, it was shown that the people who seemed to have involvement in the scandals refused to commit their wrongdoings. It is later shown that the daughter of Noh Jung-A helped Ji Yoon Su and Seung Yoo in revealing her mother’s crimes. To support the trio, Sung Ye-Rin had also joined them and became a witness by explaining what occurred four years ago. Sung Ye went on to apologize to the pair for her actions in the past. After that, everyone decides that they should expose it to the media first before they submit the evidence to the police.

Here, Choi, the Vice Principal also decides to surrender to the police before he gets caught by Principal Noh. On another side, Noh gets mad knowing she has been revealed. However, she continues to refuse that she has been involved in any of these crimes. Later, the drama takes a three years leap where Ji Yoon Su is shown going to meet Noh who is in a hospital. Although she has calmed down a lot, she still seems to nag herself for disappointing her father. Ji Yoon Su’s father also dies peacefully at the end of Melancholia Season 1 while Ji Soon Yu and Seung Yoo unite too. Follow for more!

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