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Moon Landing Deniers Claim Photo Of ‘odd Figure’ On Lunar Surface Is ‘proof’ Event Was A Hoax Explored

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Moon landing deniers claim photo of ‘odd figure’ on lunar surface is ‘proof’ event was a hoax
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MOON landing conspiracy theorists assume they’ve discovered “proof” that Nasa’s manned missions to the lunar surface had been a hoax.

In keeping with the New York Put up, a picture from a 1972 Moon mission is getting used as proof of a “new hoax” idea.

Moon landing deniers claim this photo from 1972 shows an odd figure


Moon landing deniers claim this photo from 1972 reveals an odd determineCredit score: Youtube/Streetcap1

Conspiracy theorists think the object is a man


Conspiracy theorists assume the item is a manCredit score: Youtube/Streetcap1

Neil Armstrong was the primary man to step on the Moon on July 20, 1969, however there are a quantity of individuals who consider this by no means occurred.

Nasa landed six manned missions on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.

Conspiracy theorists assume Nasa lied about these occasions.

Video proof, photographs, and accounts from the astronauts who really stood on the Moon debunk the conspiracies.

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Nonetheless, some Moon landing deniers assume they’ve noticed a unusual determine in a single of the 1972 Moon mission photographs.

The picture was taken through the Apollo 17 mission.

Conspiracy theorists claim to see an anomaly in a single of the astronaut’s helmet visors.

A YouTube video titled “Reflection in a Visor. The place’s the reflection of the digital camera taking the photo?”  claims the “determine” seen within the visor is a “stagehand”.

Regardless of the video being posted in 2017, it has been identified to recirculate on-line.

A voiceover on the YouTube video claims that the item within the visor is a man that is not sporting a spacesuit.

They’re attempting to recommend that the Moon landing was staged and filmed on Earth.

The narrator says: “You possibly can see some type of, it appears like a man, again within the early ’70s, lengthy hair, sporting some type of waistcoat-type factor.”

Nonetheless, tons of folks have taken to the feedback to debunk these claims.

Some folks assume the item is a rock and others assume it is the distorted reflection of one other astronaut.

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The final manned journey to the Moon concerned Nasa astronauts Gene Cernan, Harrison “Jack” Schmitt and command Ronald Evans.

Nasa hopes to return people to the Moon within the subsequent few years.


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