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National Sticker Day 2022 

National Sticker Day is an annual holiday observed on January 13th of each year. The stickers could be seen glued on various items ranging from name tags to those used by children to decorate. Of course, everyone’s childhood memories will include sticker collections. Many of us would have continued to collect the decorating stickers as adults out of habit. Stickers are typically printed labels that vary in size, shape, color, and application. Because stickers are so popular, each type is commemorated with a Day on the calendar. In honor of R Stanton Avery, National Sticker Day has been observed.

Significance Of National Sticker Day 2022 

 National Sticker Day is dedicated to celebrating stickers, which range from custom-made to everyday labels. Every sticker has a story to tell. Depending on the situation, they can be used for decoration or information. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be used on a variety of items such as lunch boxes, paper planners, lockers, and notebooks. They even have scents in some of them! Adults and children can get benefit from the use of stickers to decorate, inform, and delight. It’s finally time to learn about and celebrate National Sticker Day!

National Sticker Day 2022 Date

This year National Sticker Day 2022 is observed on January 13, which is on Wednesday. National Sticker Day is observed in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was born in 1907. In 1935, R. Stanton Avery invented the modern version of the sticker. here is the list of dates that are listed below for National Sticker Day 2022 -2026.

Year Date Day
2022 January 13 Thursday
2023 January 13 Friday
2024 January 13 Saturday
2025 January 13 Monday
2026 January 13 Tuesday

History Of National Sticker Day 

Since 2016, National Sticker Day has been observed. StickerGiant, a Longmont, Colorado-based promotional sticker and product label company, has created such a Day for Stickers. StickerGiant has established this celebration Day for stickers or labels in collaboration with the National Day Calendar. Ray Stanton Avery, the inventor of the adhesive label with a removable backing, is honored today. The date was carefully chosen because it is Avery’s birth anniversary. Stickers are labels that are made of printed paper or plastic. Avery invented the first commercially available self-adhesive label, ‘Kum Kleen Pricer Stickers,’ in 1935. Historians credit European merchants because they were the ones who were the first to apply labels to their products in the 1880s. They did it to promote their goods and wares to passersby. The pre-industrial entrepreneurs first used gum paste to get the labels to stick well. By the 1900s, a sticker-specific paste had been developed. It was widely used on stamps, which dried and reapplied when moistened. StickerGiant set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball during the first National Sticker Day celebration in 2016. The recordset was a sticker ball weighing 231.6 pounds and measuring 8.8 feet in diameter.

How To Celebrate National Sticker Day 2022?

It’s easy to celebrate National Sticker Day. You can examine various types of stickers from your surroundings. Anyone who enjoys collecting stickers can begin right away on this special day. If possible, you could pay a visit to a nearby sticker manufacturing company to learn more about the stickers. You can also learn about decorative and functional stickers and their applications. If you encounter any unusual stickers in the collection, snap a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #StickerDay.

Facts About National Sticker Day 2022 

  1. In 2016, the world’s most giant sticker ball was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The ball, created in honor of National Sticker Day, weighed over 230 pounds and measured more than 8 feet in diameter.

  2. Nidhi Bansal owns the world’s most extensive sticker collection. His collection, which is housed in India, consists of 102,317 pieces.

  3. The classic “Hello My Name Is” sticker, frequently used at conferences or workshops, was introduced in 1959 and is still widely used today.

National Sticker Day 2022 Quotes

  1. Happy national sticker day 2021. You could make this up. but in the spirit of positivity.

  2. Brighten up your National Sticker Day. Happy National Sticker Day 2021!

  3. Monday 13 January is National Sticker Day – I feel like I identify most with a Tiger – so I am sporting a Tiger Sticker!

  4. Observing National Sticker Day on the 13th of January. Creativity knows no bounds, don’t contain it. National sticker day 2021!

  5. National Sticker Day and we want to celebrate too! Use labels, stickers, and decals to help promote your products and services within your facility and vehicles!

National Sticker Day 2022 Images


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National Sticker Day 2022 -FAQ

1. When did National Sticker Day start?

StickerGiant, a promotional sticker and product label company based in Longmont, Colorado, created National Sticker Day in 2015 to celebrate all the fun stickers bring to all ages. The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared it to be observed on January 13th, annually.

2. What is a National sticker?

National Sticker Day is celebrated on January 13 in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was born on that day in 1907. It was R. Stanton Avery who invented the modern version of the sticker in 1935, launching a new company and a new industry, which is fairly impressive considering he wasn’t even 30 years old yet!

3. Why do we celebrate National sticker day?

National Sticker Day will take place on January 13th, in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who passed away on December 12, 1997, at 90 years old.

4. What day is National sticker day?

 National Sticker Day is celebrated annually on January 13, the birthday of Stan Avery.

5. Is there a national day for everything?

It’s Everything day on the 3rd of August. There were many celebrations relating to national holidays written about on social media that our algorithms picked up on the 3rd of August.

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