OnlyFans Model Cortney Clenney Allegedly Killed Boyfriend Obumseli According To New Evidence – Cortney’s Lawyers Claim Self-Defence

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OnlyFans Model Cortney Clenney Allegedly Killed Boyfriend Obumseli According To New Evidence - Cortney's Lawyers Claim Self-Defence

Last week, the police arrested OnlyFans model Cortney Clenney in Hawaii.  Now, after a week since her incarceration, the Florida State Attorney releases a security camera video. In the video, we see Courtney Clenney assaulting her boyfriend and hitting him with fists, and pulling his hair. According to the State Attorney, the video took place just a few months prior to the murder.

The public knows Courtney Clanney under the name of Courtney Tailor. She appears under this name on social media, as well as on the OnlyFans platform where she performs for her fans for money. 

New Evidence Suggests That OnlyFans Model Cortney Clenney Might’ve Killed Her Boyfriend

Obumseli is the late ex-boyfriend of the OnlyFans model. Clenney killed him in self-defense. At least that is what we know at the moment. 

What actually happened is still not clear, since there are different stories emerging, however, the evidence suggests that Clenney attacked and stabbed Obumseli to death when he entered her apartment in Miami in April.

The couple had not been together anymore at the time of the incident. According to Cortney’s lawyers, her ex-boyfriend was aggressive and she did kill him in self-defense. She had been a victim of stalking for several weeks prior to it.

At the time, the police entered Courtney’s Miami apartment and found her lying on the bed all bloodied up, while Obumseli lay beside her barely breathing. Then, the police sends Obumseli to the hospital, but unfortunately, on the way, he lost his life. 

In the video that Law&Crime Network released, it can be seen how Courtney attacks her boyfriend while they are in an elevator.

“Newly released video allegedly shows OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney attacking her boyfriend Christian Obumseli in an elevator on February 21. Clenney was arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree murder in the April fatal stabbing of Obumseli.” – the post states.

Courtney repeatedly punches Obumseli in the head and body while he is not reacting violently. He tries to speak her out of something, but she obviously is angry and hits him with everything she has. Obumseli tries to calm the situation throughout the whole video as he gently pushes her away.

When the ‘wild elevator ride’ is over, the door opens and Obumseli is fast to get out. Clenney follows him and tries to punch him again.

The OnlyFans model is still innocent until proven guilty. However, the evidence suggests that it was not the first time that she is violent with him. Her behavior in the video and Obumseli’s behavior as well might be a clear indicator of who the aggressor is.

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