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Pishachini 22nd August 2022 Written Update

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Pishachini 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Pisachini written update

Today’s Pishachini 22nd August 2022 episode starts with Pishachini laughing while sitting on top of the tree as she sees Shikha going back to the Van and them driving away.

Rani states that she has reached from Chile to here and can reach Bareli easily too.

Later, Pavithra sits in her room wondering what she should do and whether she should return to London without closing Pishachini’s chapter or not.

Just then, she gets a video call from an unknown number and she accepts it to see Rocky smiling at her widely.

She asks him how he got her number and he reveals to her that he had gotten the number from Nikita.

Rocky once again apologizes to Pavithra for not being able to help her in finding her wooden box and tries to talk to her casually.

Meanwhile, Pavithra wonders if she should ask him about Dadaji’s health and if he is experiencing anything abnormal.

Pavithra doubts that Pishachini has reached Bareli and is about to ask Rocky about it when she sees a lady passing by behind Rocky on the video call.

She asks him about the girl while Rocky tells her that there is no one beside him there.

Will Pavitha go to Bareli to make sure if Pishachini has reached the Rajputs or not?

How did Rani the Pishachini reach Bareli and especially the Rajput house when Shikha had left the wooden box in the middle of the trip?

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