Pokemon Go datamine reveals surprising ‘Bread’ event coming soon

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Pokemon Go’s next event has leaked in a datamine, revealing bread-themed stickers featuring iconic Generation 1 Pokemon.

Like other modern live service games, Pokemon Go has gathered its own share of datamines and leaked content over the years.

In the past, dataminers uncovered early Mega evolutions and even upcoming Generation additions.

Now, new leaks claim to have revealed some kind of bread-themed event coming to Pokemon Go, according to various stickers.

Pokemon Go leakers revealed bread-themed event

The leak in question comes from the PokeMiners Twitter account, which has revealed plenty of upcoming Pokemon Go content over the years ahead of schedule.

According to the tweet, the code labeled the sticker assets as “Bread Korea” suggesting this event may be Korea-exclusive.

The assets themselves show Pikachu, Eevee, and Gengar during some bread-related activity.

For example, Pikachu’s stickers show the electric mouse holding a bread basket and snacking on tasty bread rolls.

Uhhh. Got bread? There appears to be a bread-themed event coming… For some reason. They are labelled as 'Bread Korea' so perhaps for the Korea event. Check it out?

— PokeMiners (@poke_miners) August 17, 2022

Gengar appears sitting in front of a basket of bread, and Eevee is shown sleeping on a giant slice of white bread and carrying a plastic bag of different loaves.

Unfortunately, that seems to be everything that leakers pulled from the game, though it hasn’t stopped players from guessing what the event could mean.

If we get Fidough, I take back some (but not much) of the bad things I’ve said about Niantic.

— Evanow (@2Spudz) August 17, 2022

Some players speculate this bread-themed event could introduce Fidough, the new bread dog Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Other fans immediately began memeing the post by simply replying to the original tweet with the word “bread.”

Though bread is a slightly odd choice to center an entire event, the stickers certainly paint a cute picture of what a bread-centric event could be.

The event could also feature various bread-related costumes for Pokemon, similar to Lapras’ ‘Drip’ costume.

For now, Pokemon Go fans will just have to see if Niantic releases any official details surrounding these bread-related stickers in the future.

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