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Root Explorer Pro APK Free Latest Download 2021 (No Root!)

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Root Explorer Pro APK Free Latest Download 2021 (No Root!) – Viral.TmZ.NG
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For smartphone users, especially Android, of course, you are already used to root, right? Well, if your phone is rooted and you need tools to process files and folders, you can try an app called Root Explorer Pro Apk.

In addition to providing free access to the Android smartphone, root also works to make file management easier. While Root Explorer itself allows you to manage different types of files easily.

Update Root Explorer Pro Apk

Update Root Explorer Pro Apk

Root Explorer is an application intended for Android smartphone users. This application has the main function of processing files and folders in the storage area. However, this application only runs on smartphones that have been rooted first.

The purpose of making this application, that is so that users can have free access to the entire program on Android phones. With this Root Explorer app, you can quickly find different types of hidden files and data.

Not only that, this app can also read special Android data. You can even delete special files or data with this Root Explorer. Another function of Root Explorer is to change data format.

In addition, this application also supports different types of data processing operations such as pasting, copying, cutting, creating different types of data directly. So you are completely free to process files on the phone you are using.

Interestingly, using the Root Explorer app is very easy. You can extract information from the data in more detail. For one example, you can open the Manifest.xml data and read the SQLite database files.

Features of Root Explorer Pro

Features Of Root Explorer Pro

The version of Root Explorer that we are talking about this time, is the fixed or modified version. This means you can get tons of premium features that you can use for free. However, here are some interesting features of the application.

It can find hidden folders and files in the smartphone storage memory.
There is a Multi Tabs feature that you can use to copy and paste data without leaving the folder.
There is a Text Editor feature that works to edit files in .txt format without using other applications.
It can compress and create data files in RAR or ZIP format.
Can change the font size used in the application.
There are various options for reading, viewing, and tagging data for editing such as Permissions, Documents, Search, XML, Bookmarks, and Remounting.
There is an edit icon that works to go into edit mode quickly.
Direct access to multiple cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SQLite databases.
Files and data can be sent quickly and easily via bluetooth connection and email.

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Advantages of Root Explorer Pro Apk

Advantages Of Root Explorer Pro Apk

The main benefit provided by Root Explorer Pro APK that is, you can use all the premium features in it for free and for free. In addition, this application also comes with several advantages such as the ones below.

It keeps rooted devices safe from virus and malware attacks.
System support for rooted devices in Magisk 19.4+ mode.
The modified application already uses a secure system, so you don’t have to be afraid of damage and various unwanted things.
Ad blocking features, so using this app will feel free without a little ad interruption.
Full network access is provided in this application.
It can prevent the device from sleeping or hibernating while it is running.
It can add and remove user accounts only for the Google Drive SDK, without any changes to existing accounts.
There are two themes to choose from, namely the black theme and the white theme which is the default display of the app.
It has an update to be able to use API v2 of the Dropbox code.

Download Root Explorer Pro Apk

Root Explorer Pro Apk

You can download and use this Root Explorer Pro Apk app for free. Moreover, this app is also very safe to install on your Android smartphone. Well, please click on the following link to download the app immediately.

Download the latest version of Root Explorer Pro APK without root for free via the link we provided “Here“.

Application Name
Root Explorer Pro APK

The size
12.3 MB

The latest

A feature
There is no Root

Install Root Explorer Pro Apk

Install Root Explorer Pro Apk

It can be said that the application process is almost the same as other applications. In addition, because your smartphone is rooted, then all access is open. However, to prevent various mistakes, consider the following instructions.

First step, make sure it starts if your smartphone is really rooted.
If so, please download Root Explorer Pro APK via the link provided above. Just wait until the uninstall process is completely finished.
When the uninstall process is complete, turn it on File Manager on your smartphone.
Continue by opening the folder downloadand press to open the file Apk Root Explorer Pro.
Well, just follow the instructions to install the app on the phone system.

How to cheat with Root Explorer Pro Apk

How To Cheat With Root Explorer Pro Apk

There are advantages in learning data and programming languages, which makes this application often used to hack a game or cheat in another language. One of the most common cheats with this app is to make unlimited money.

However, this can be done with a note, if the type of game being played is an offline game. If you would like to use this Root Explorer game cheat app, then see the steps below.

The first step is to open the Root Explorer Pro application that you have installed on your smartphone device.
After that, look game folder who want to be robbed or cheated.
Once the folder is found, just go into the folder and open the file named shared_preferences.
Next, open the game file in the format .xml in that folder.
After that, look the code that you want to change.
Once found, change with enter the numbers according to need or desire.
The last step, click the button save saving data changes.
Well, now open the game you cheated on.

It can be said that the Root Explorer Pro Apk app will help its users to experience the folder browsing freely and easily. There is absolutely no limit, changing the data in the file as you wish.

Users can also hack or cheat in the game without the need to install any additional applications. With just one app, you can hack all offline games as you wish.

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