Save up to 20% on centrifugal machines, ‘bluicers’

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SAVE 20%: Breville is having a huge sale on its juicers, and as of Jan. 6, Amazon and Best Buy are matching most of its deals. Head to your preferred retailer to save up to $80 on select centrifugal machines and blender/juicer hybrids, from the Breville Juice Fountain Plus (now $128) to the Breville 3X Bluicer Pro (now $320).

Tired: Doing a juice cleanse because the diet industry has led you to (incorrectly) believe it’ll detoxify your digestive system. Wired: Drinking juice because it’s delicious and you deserve a little treat.

Breville just so happens to have a ton of juicers on sale as of Jan. 6, and the last time we checked, all of its offers were matched at Amazon and Best Buy (with one exception). Take your pick from more traditional centrifugal machines, which basically spin the juice out of fruits and veggies, or upgrade to one of Breville’s powerful “Bluicers” that can do double-duty as a juicer and a blender; you’ll save a solid 20% no matter which model you decide to buy.

Centrifugal juicer deals

Breville Juice Fountain Plus — $127.95 (save $32)

The most popular pick of this bunch (based on those 13,000 Amazon reviews), Breville’s Juice Fountain Plus features a built-in froth separator, a three-inch fruit chute that eliminates the need for a ton of pre-chopping, and two different speed settings. Use the lower one for softer fruits and leafy veggies and the higher one for denser, harder stuff like carrots.

Breville, Amazon, and Best Buy all have it on sale for $127.95, which is $32 off its suggested retail price of $159.95.

a stainless steel breville juice fountain plus

Credit: Breville

Breville Juice Fountain Cold — $159.95 (save $40)

The Juice Fountain Cold takes things up a notch with an LED display and a cold extraction system, which preserves some water-soluble vitamins that would otherwise be lost to the heat of its spinning motor. (Real heads know this makes juice taste better, too.) It also includes a froth separator and an extra-wide chute in addition to a handy juice nozzle and a 70-ounce jug for storing your concoctions.

Grab one on sale from Breville, Amazon, or Best Buy for just $159.95 — that’s $40 off its $199.95 MSRP.

a silver breville juice fountain cold

Credit: Breville

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus — $223.95 (save $56)

Upgrade to the Juice Fountain Cold Plus if you’ve got limited real estate on your countertop: Its pulp bin is located behind its base for a more compact design. Its other specs are virtually identical to the Juice Fountain Cold (no “Plus”) aside from a slightly larger, 3.5-inch fruit chute.

This bad boy typically retails for $279.95, but Breville, Amazon, and Best Buy will all give it to you for just $223.95. That’s a $56 savings.

a stainless steel breville juice fountain cold plus

Credit: Breville

Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL — $303.95 (save $76)

If you, your roommate(s), or your dog can’t stand the annoying WHIRRRRR of a blender, the even-fancier Juice Fountain Cold XL is basically a Cold Plus with noise-reducing technology; Breville says opting for its “quiet” setting will suppress those obnoxious mechanical sounds by 40 percent.

That 20% discount from Breville, Amazon, and Best Buy brings it down to only $303.95, which is a good $76 off its usual retail price of $379.95.

a stainles steel breville juice fountain cold xl

Credit: Breville

Bluicer deals

Breville 3X Bluicer — $239.95 (save $60)

Homemade smoothies, slushies, and DIY frozen cocktails, coming right up: The all-in-one 3X Bluicer can blend, juice, and combine fresh juice with blended mixes (“bluice”) across four one-touch programs and five speed settings; better yet, it features the same cold extraction system as the aforementioned juicers to avoid raising your ingredients’ temperature by more than 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Its 3.5-inch chute and 50-ounce juicing jug make for easy prep and storage, respectively.

Buy it on sale from Breville, Amazon, or Best Buy to save $60 and pay just $239.95 (normally $229.95).

a smoked hickory breville 3x bluicer

Credit: Breville

Breville 3X Bluicer Pro — $319.95 (save $80)

With five one-touch programs and 10 speed settings (including separate options for green and dairy-based smoothies), Breville’s 3X Bluicer Pro is the mother of all blender-juicers.

Best Buy doesn’t appear to have it in stock, but it’s up for grabs on and Amazon at the discounted price of $319.95 — that shaves $80 off its $399.95 MSRP.

a stainless steel breville 3x bluicer pro

Credit: Breville

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