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Side Business Opportunities With The Youth Market Segment

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Side Business Opportunities With the Youth Market Segment– Targeting the right market segment before starting a business is one of the most important things.

By knowing more about the types of market segments, it will be easier for us to determine the right business choice.

This market grouping can vary from age type, gender, type of community layer and so on.

Knowing more about the market will be more value for us in running our business.

On this occasion, we will discuss about businesses that target the youth market segment. This youth market is those aged between 11 and 21 years old.

This youth market segment is quite unique and has great potential. There are so many business choices that we can try to target this market segment. Now how to work on this market segment, consider the tips that we will review below.

bisnis sampingan target remaja putri

Doing a Needs Analysis Around

We can use the high number of young people in certain locations as a target market for our business.

However, we also have to know what the youth of the location need, because knowing more about the needs of these youths can be a potential side business opportunity.

These needs include entertainment, places to hang out such as cafes or coffee shops, education such as language courses and so on.

For example, if the location is close to the school location, then business opportunities such as photocopying services, internet cafe hot spots, selling snacks, internet cafes and other types of businesses can be examples of profitable businesses.

By doing the analysis we can easily determine what business is suitable to run. The analysis in addition to looking at the market segment, also looks at the level of competition in that location.

Opening a Business According to Owned Capital

Opening a business does not have to be with a large capital, even with a small capital we can still set up a business. This is why we must conduct analysis early in the business so that we can assess and evaluate

measure a business with the strength of the capital we have. There are many types of businesses that target teenagers as their marketing goals, but of course they must adjust to the capital we have.

For example, if we have a business capital of around 5 million rupiah, we can choose a business such as selling rice angkringan, private tutoring services, comic rental, and much more.

However, if we have more capital we can choose businesses such as photocopying services, food or beverage franchises, internet cafes and online games, bookstores and school atk, hot spot cafes, and various other businesses.


More or less that is the thing that must be considered in determining a side business opportunity with the youth market segment. The most important thing and must be considered properly in determining what business we run is that we must be observant in seeing the existing business opportunities. May be useful.

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