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Sir, Will My Work Be Done Now? Explored

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Sir, will my work be done now?
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“Sir, my work will be done now, won’t it?” She turned towards the wall and started dressing quickly. “Yes, yes, too.” ..My breathing was still erratic. Then when should I come to get the money?” He wiped his face with a scarf and then shook it and wrapped it. “Until you get the money, you will have to make another round or two.” Just yesterday I mentioned your husband to the owners “I buttoned the shirt, combed the hair with my hands and retired to the back office.

Peeking out of the door, he began to look cautiously around. By the way, the new chowkidar was my benefactor in exchange for the small amount of money he received from me in the name of tea and water from time to time, but still I did not want to get into any trouble. “Then I will come tomorrow,” he waited for my firm answer. Not tomorrow! ! ! “I couldn’t take the risk of coming here like this every day, so I just sighed… How can even the poor get saliva… I thought while weighing the curves of his body with my eyes.” Hey listen! ! You are wearing shalwar ulti.” She was startled and bowed to her legs and blushed. Take it off and straighten it. I walk five minutes later you too leave the back door. . . And yes, a careful one

Don’t look at you.Zamil Khan was the night watchman in our factory for four years. Three weeks ago, he was lying helpless at home after being shot in the leg in the resistance with the robbers who entered the factory. The owners had forgotten to give 50,000 for his treatment. So his wife was going around again and again in this regard. I decided to help him and signaled him to come to the factory in the evening after the holiday. Age! Omar! While climbing the stairs of the apartment, I heard my wife’s voice from behind. He and I returned home almost at the same time and sometimes we used to enter the house together. She was a clerk in a small bank. “There’s good news.”

His armpits were opening with happiness. “The manager is very happy with my work and today he talked about my pronation.” He stopped in front of the door, felt the handbag and took out the key. He said it will take some time, but The work will be done” hey wow congratulations” “I happily congratulated him” you know there are five candidates including me, and she is Asifa or she is not in my favor but the director sir is very happy with my work.. Why? I do not work so hard and anyway. . . She continued to speak even while entering the house. I was following her and enjoying the story of her victory when suddenly my eyes got tangled in the silk threads of her shalwar.

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