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Tygart River Bridge area to be inspected after fatal accident

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MARION COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) – Inspections will be made to the Tygart River Bridge after an accident that involved a semi-truck and resulted in a fire, and a death.

Marion County District Engineer, Michael Cronin, said the bridge has taken physical damages.

Burn marks can be seen along the sides, and the deck will need replaced.

Cronin said he is unsure of the current state of the bridge’s structural integrity, but he will receive answers after the inspection takes place.

“We have a bridge crew here, a bridge inspection crew, and we have big specialty trucks that actually have boons on them that will reach down under the bridge from on top,” Cronin said. “They’re going to go down and actually look at the structure itself, test the structure, and see if there’s any problems that will affect the structural integrity of the bridge.”

This wasn’t the only accident to occur in this area.

The morning after the tractor trailer accident, another crash occurred near the same spot.

“The accident this morning was north of the accident last night just by a little bit. It’s in the same zone. Basically, we had the lane closure set up with an error board,” said Cronin. “Somebody, from what I understand, was speeding to try to get past people and cut in front of them and caused an accident and shut the road down again.

People are taking to social media to express their safety concerns for driving in this area.

Cronin said precautions have already been made to the area previously

“We actually already added additional signage. I had the traffic engineer look at it and review it,” he said. “We added another message board and some additional signs for the split. Hopefully in other three weeks that split will be gone, and we’ll be back to a normal two-lane situation if we can open the bridge back up.

Cronin wants to remind drivers to slow down, pay attention, and follow the speed limit in construction zones to ensure maximum safety.

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