Udaariyaan 11th January 2022 Episode Written Update Angad Inflames Rupi Against Fateh

The 11th January 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be a bit shocking for the viewers, as Jasmine is ready to set the fire at the party of ” Lohri Festival”, she is going to execute something unpredictable which never ever supposed by anyone else. Yes, you heard right, initially, she starts disrespecting Fateh and his family badly by, passing several derogatory remarks. Meanwhile, she accuses them as well of ruining her life because of which, she will not let them go no matter what happens. At the same time, Fateh wonders that why she is here and starts arguing as well as she is passing such worst remarks.

Udaariyaan today's episode

At the same time, Angad Maan tries his best to manipulate Tejo’s father so that he could make her agree to marry him as soon as possible because he will not let Tejo go at any cost with Fateh because Fateh is the one because of whom Tejo has gone through with planet of worst obstacles. Besides this, Angad Maan’s obsession is coming out as well in front of Rupi, hence, he is also thinking that what is the reason behind his behaviour because Tejo has refused his offer and despite this is bringing it ahead.

Then Rupi says to Angad that if Tejo is not happy with re-marriage so there is no need to make her agree in such a manner. Meanwhile, Angad Maan thinks that he will have to show his ace of space, hence, he tries to inflame Rupi against Fateh and blames him for not taking a stand for her daughter when she was going through such stuff which had created by Fateh. Meantime, Rupi thinks that Anagd is saying everything right, and therefore, he decides to make Tejo agree to marry him.

In the last episode, as the viewers have watched that finally, Angad Maan unites with Jasmine to ruin Fateh at any cost, so that, he could get Tejo back and marry her. Because he knows very well that unless Fateh is here he could not do anything, therefore, he says to Jasmine that he is with her and she can do whatever she wants against Fateh. Hence, she says that according to her plan she will have to enter the Lohri party where everyone is about to come, so that, she could execute her plan to make them feel down, and Angad agrees with her too.

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