Udaariyaan Written Update 12th January 2022: Jasmine Decides To Execute Her Conspiracy

The 12th December 2022 episode of Udaariyaan commences where you will watch that Jasmine is creating a scene in the “Lohri” party but despite this, Tejo has sig of relief because Fateh is there, and as far as she has concerned unless Fateh is here he will not let Jasmine do anything worst, because he knows her al tricks and the way how to ruin her conspiracies. But this time, both Tejo and Fateh are not aware of her upcoming plan therefore, Fateh is getting worried about Tejo, as Jasmine has started drama in front of everyone while accusing them.

Udaariyaan Written Update 12th January 2022: Jasmine Decides To Execute Her Conspiracy

Besides all this stuff, Rupi is ready to accept Jasmine while forgetting everything but despite this, Jasmine is burning in the fire of her revenge under which, she wants to ruin Tejo and Fateh properly, as they became the cause of her unhappiness and therefore, she decides to not forgive them. Therefore, when she sees Fateh and his family at the party her anger goes at its peak, and hence, she goes to them and unleashes her rage by, passing some derogatory remarks in such a manner, which no one had imagined even Fateh gets shocked to see her this gesture.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode

Meanwhile, everyone thinks that why she is doing all this despite knowing that her entire family is here, and did not she has fear of anyone. But the reason behind her bravery is Angad Maan who is supporting her in such exploits, because at any cost, he wants to get Tejo in his life, and therefore he wants to make Fateh away from Tejo’s life. This is the reason behind his unite with Jasmine because he knows very well that only Jasmine knows how to break Fateh and make him away from Tejo, hence he is doing such things.

In the last episode, as we have streamed that Angad Maan tried his best to inflame Rupi against Fateh by mentioning such remarks, that how Fateh became the major cause behind Tejo’s worst circumstances. Even somehow, Rupi is agreeing with him as well, because whatever Tejo has bear the pain of such circumstances. Then Rupi thinks that he should make Tejo agree to marry Angad Maan because he is the perfect one for her, but hitherto, Rupi is not familiar with the real face of Angad which is too possessive. Hence, he thinks like that, so let see what will happen the next.

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