What Happened With Allison Coleman? Check Her Cause of Death How Did She Die?

A name Allison Coleman from Australia is trending all over the Internet nowadays. A huge number of people are concerned about the girl after the latest mishap. The 7 years old little girl has passed away after she got vaccinated against the dreaded virus. The vaccination campaigns have been started in the country for children aged 5-11 in precaution of the advanced variant of the fatal virus. The news of her demise is breaking the Internet and producing a threat in the hearts of parents who urged to get their children vaccinated. Get more information on Alison Coleman Pfizer death.

Allison Coleman
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The rumours of the recent mishap of the 7 years old girl have widely spread that she died due to the vaccination. The death of the little girl has raised doubt among a significant amount of people, however, many people are still registering for their dose. The news of Alison’s sudden demise after getting vaccinated is circulating on vital social media platforms and even shared by the consumers on a rapid note. As of now, we are trying to fetch more information on the girl and her family members.

Who Was Allison Coleman?

Alison Coleman was a 7 years girl from Australia smashing the headlines throughout after some major social media platforms shared the information of her death and claimed that the girl had died after getting a vaccination shot in January 2022 after the people requested the government after a surge in the cases of another variant of the dreaded variant. In addition to this, Allison died on 11 January 2022 and died within a while after getting vaccinated earlier her body reacted. The complete information has been derived from the reports shared by the social media platforms.

In addition to this Liz Palme recently commented on the news said that “This is just one of them. During this time, people couldn’t even get the truth through the mainstream media.” He then shared one of the news published by Vaers’ that around a total of 300 children have lost their lives after getting vaccinated only in the US.

Another person even said that the authorities approved the vaccines are solely responsible for the loss of lives of the people. There are a number of consumers criticising the authorities who all are playing with the life of small children and the future of their countries. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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