Who Is Disguised Toast? YouTuber Gets Banned From Twitch For Streaming Anime

Another account has been taken down by the famous yet stern about their rules platform Twitch. The platform recently blocked the account of the famous streamer named ‘Pokimane’. Now, another famous streamer named Jeremy Wang popularly known as “Disguised Toast” has been banned by the platform authority for violating the rules. The account of the variety streamer took down on Monday night after the online personality watching anime Death Note while streaming and later caused his account to get banned. Get more information on all the details and who is ‘Disguised Toast’.

Who Is Disguised Toast? YouTuber Gets Banned From Twitch From Streaming Anime

As of now, the official cause of the ban hasn’t been released yet and as always the authority didn’t find it important to mention the reason. It is being assumed that it was surely the case of copyright as the authority of the anime strikes DMCA on the video wherein the streamer was watching anime during live streaming. The case seems similar to another streamer named Pokemane about which we mentioned at the beginning of the article. The online personality received DMCA for streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Who Is Disguised Toast?

Pokemane got banned by the authority after the makers of strike with DMCA as he was streaming content didn’t fit in the rules. His account was banned by twitch on Friday. All of his fans including Pokemane himself was stunned at the time her account took down. While moving back to Diguised Toast it is being said that the punishment was much stern as the authority took down only for two days. It is expected that the account will revive after the period of time, although it is not confirmed weather the account will be restored or remained banned. So far the variety streamer hasn’t made any kind of statement publically.

A number of streamers got affected with DMCA strikes in the past few months. Also many streamers have been watching and reacting to copyright content in what streamers are calling the “Tv Meta.” Latelt, Meta has minted enormous amount of streamers with a significant quantity of audience. On another the DMCA rights of the copyright owners always become the hot topic on the platform. Well, it would be interesting to see now if the account of disguises toast will get restored. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and latest updates.

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