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Who Is John Clark Aka Meal Prep King? TikTok Star Trolled After Misogynistic Rant Goes Viral Explored

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Who Is John Clark aka Meal Prep King? TikTok Star Trolled After Misogynistic Rant Goes Viral
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The popular author and Tiktok star John Clark who is widely known as Meal Prep is in the headlines and creating a massive amount of buzzes all across social media for negative reasons. The TikTok star has landed himself in a major controversy lately and this controversy is causing him trouble. Penguin Random House will now no longer be publishing his books. The Tiktok has landed himself in a major controversy after said some very Misogynistic comments on his official social media account.

Who Is John Clark aka Meal Prep King? TikTok Star Trolled After Misogynistic Rant Goes Viral

His comments were vile and full of misogyny and thus people are highly angered by him. The social media star used a very cursing and abusive tone toward women while he was in laying in hot water. According to the reports, the TikTok star was laying in hot water on Monday night, he was relaxing and he started live streaming on his official Instagram account. While streaming live on his official Instagram account John Clark who is popularly known as The Meal Prep King stated that he refuses to have respect for women.

Who Is John Clark aka Meal Prep King?

The social media star and popular author started his video with derogatory words about women. This didn’t stop here, John Clark continued using his derogatory and abusive tongue for the women and stated that women should shut the F*ck up for their rights and he further continued and stated that he likes pissing women off. His words were very offensive and derogatory towards women. His words spoke out of the kind of ideology and thoughts he have for women in general.

John stated that he was not against women but he disagree that women think they have some hierarchy. He was even imitating a woman in his live streaming. The video of him cursing and passing derogatory misogynistic comments on women is lately massively viral all across social media. The viral video has created a massive amount of stir all across. Social media is fuming in anger upon these comments by the popular TikTok star.

Lately, people are coming out on social media and criticizing John Clark for his ill-spoken words and rotten ideology and thinking. People are currently slamming him for his rudeness and ruthlessness. John has started facing the consequences for his ill-spoken words now, Penguin Random House has denied publishing his upcoming book. John Clark is a very popular content creator on the social media app TikTok.

According to the reports, John Clark has more than 1.6 million followers on his official TikTok account. Words like these coming from a social media personality is a very tension-giving thing because if a person who has a great following is speaking ill like this, it might influence many followers too. Thus if you’re a public figure you should know what are speaking about. It’s your responsibility to promote good words and think through their voice. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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