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Who was Allison Coleman and what was her cause of death? 7-year-old girl Dead By Pfizer Vaccine? Explained: A name Allison Coleman has recently become a trending topic on social media after her passing news broke on the Internet. The 7-year-old allegedly passed away after being vaccinated against COVID-19. The government of Australia has launched a process to vaccinate kids aged 5 to 11 years after a spree of omicron cases in the country. Rumors of the demise of a 7-year-old girl spread as the vaccinations had already begun, several children had been vaccinated. Some social media accounts asserted news of her demise. We will discuss the death cause of the girl in further information in the article. Continue to read. Follow More Update On

Allison Coleman

Who was Allison Coleman?

Alison Coleman is a seven-year-old girl from Australia. She made headlines after some social media accounts shared details about her demise. The reason is stated to be the vaccine of coronavirus. Alison recently contracted COVID-19 following the official deceleration by the Australian government.

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The Australian government permits children aged 5 to 11 to be vaccinated from the center. This initiative was taken into contemplation of the high vulnerability and risk of contracting the virus among the children. This lethal virus can attack their fragile immune system and create many issues and problems. With this in mind, the government has decided to permit nation vaccination centers to also vaccinate children between age groups from the month of January 2022.

Allison Coleman Death Cause

Allison Coleman was vaccinated by Pfizer on Tuesday, 11th January 2022, as per the virus reports. Her body later showed negative effects, and she passed away shortly after. Due to the lack of information on the authenticity of the report, we were not able to verify any single information.

Our team is working hard to gather more data to make the news clearer. But at present, we do not have enough sources to back up this hearsay. In further addition to this, the media attention has further raised doubts about the truth of the demise of Alison Coleman’s vaccine.

Liz Palme commented on the news “This is just one of them. At this time, individuals could not even get the truth through the mainstream media. Closely around 300 children passed away from jabs in the United States alone.”

Allison Coleman Death By Pfizer Vaccine?

Whether the girl passed away after getting the Pfizer vaccine remains to be investigated. But the rumors do have parents panicking about the safety of these vaccines. Kathi Newell wrote on Facebook that “I hope this is fake news”.

Deadly news broke on the web after a little girl passed away after being vaccinated for Covid-19 whose name was Allison Coleman, after the news came in a headline this become the trending subject throughout the social media platforms. Whether the reports are true or false we will discuss in the next sections of this article which are placed below. Explore this hot topic and learn more about how this little soul expired? and which vaccine she was given by the doctors? all young need to know is given below.

Reports say that Allison Coleman was died after receiving the shot of the vaccine as the Australian government started a campaign to vaccinate from 5 years old to 11 years old ranged children when a new variant of coronavirus started spreading throughout the country rapidly and Allison Coleman was the part of the campaign and she was also in the queue for being vaccinated against covid-19 and after her demise rumors started spreading on social media platforms but who knows the real reason behind the death of Allison Coleman? we will discuss this in the coming section.

When some social media claimed that a seven-year-old girl has been died after getting shot with a vaccine for Omicron this news picked up speed on the internet. Australian government initiated an initiative in which government planned to vaccinate the children between the age of five years to eleven years in order to protect the children of the country from the vulnerability of Omicron as there is the risk of the fragile immune system to the minors. As all this was in consideration of the Australian government they initiated this campaign.

According to virus reports, she was vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine on 11th January 2022, and later side-effects of the vaccine appeared on her body and in this short period she dead and further details are not available due to the authenticity of the medical report of Allison Coleman’s death. After this news become the bone of contention in the country and many questions were raised on medical staff and government. Allison Coleman’s real death cause has to be investigated and it is very important to know whether the Pfizer vaccine is efficient or suitable to children or not as it is a matter of health safety. Those Parents and people are hoping that it is fake news as their children also got a vaccine shot.

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