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Who Was Tiajuana Smith? Car Accident Video At Highway 78 Near Mountain Industrial – Pasi Blog

Once again a very perilous incident is coming in front of the people, which has made everyone shocked enough, and as soon as the people are getting familiarized with the news, their immense reaction is taking place. Recently, an accident has occurred at Stone Mountain GA, which led to an unexpected demise of a woman who was driving the car. As the concerned department got the news, they reached the accident spot and started investigating the case. So that, the culprit behind the case could come ahead because yet no statement of the defaulter come, so below you could get everything.

Tiajuana Smith accident  

As per the reports or sources, the concerned department has identified the victim who lost her life due to a fatal incident, she is a 46-years-old woman whose name is Tajuana Smith. At the time of the accident, she was going somewhere through the eastbound lane, and spontaneously her car collided with another vehicle which became the cause of the massive ruckus on the road and led to her unexpecting passing as well. But despite this, the person who was driving another vehicle did not recognize yet, but as the investigation is going ahead many unknown facts are coming.

Who Was Tiajuana Smith?

It is being reported, that still the main defaulter is unknown because only the destroyed vehicle was recovered by the concerned department, and therefore on the basis of registry papers police department is investigating the case. Because plenty of shocking facts are coming to the fore, but now the fact is where the culprit went after the accident. Therefore, the concerned department has issued a statement in which, they have said that whoever gets the details regarding the culprit of the accident so, please let them know so that, they could arrest the culprit as soon as possible.

Hitherto, the family of the deceased did not come to the fore regarding the funeral details or anything else, maybe they do not like to make their personal life public. But besides this, many people are seeking justice for her, so that, the defaulter could get the appropriate sentence because no one has a right to become the cause of somebody’s unexpected departure. So when something will spot again we will make you update for sure, because yet some reports are coming along with different claiming, because of which, users are getting confused so when we would get we will update you.

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