YouTuber Tom Scott looks back at 2022 tech predictions he made 10 years ago

Way back in the distant, foggy days of 2012, what did people think the future would look like? What did people imagine 2022 might have in store in terms of the way technology would intersect with our daily lives?

YouTuber Tom Scott had some thoughts. 10 years ago he gave a talk in which he predicted how phones and the internet might look in a decade’s time, and in the video above he reviews his own predictions to find out what he got right and wrong.

Turns out the results were a mixed bag, from iPhones with bigger screens and 5G (both pretty accurate calls) to a wildly wrong prediction about a political story being broken by blogs (“I didn’t see them being mostly replaced by Twitter”).

Stick around for the end, too, where he makes a couple of quick predictions for the next 10 years.

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